Des McDonald Consultancy Services

Knowing every detail is key …

Des McDonald Restaurant Consultancy Services include, but are not limited to; Concept Development, Interior Design Advice and Introductions, Brand Development, Owner’s Representative, Marketing and Social Media Advice, Food and Beverage Menu Development, Training and SOP Development, Margin Support, Cost Control Support, Improve Efficiency, Grow your restaurant business, PR.

Concept Development

We can help you refine and polish your initial restaurant idea, or create a concept for you that works within your desired location.

Interior Design

With our partners at a selection of well known high profile designers we will advise on layout of service operations, kitchen and bar design. We work within all size of budget to suit our clients.

Brand Development

We will help conceptualise and work alongside your branding teams to develop a cohesive brand ready for launch or update current.

Owners Representatives

We act for our clients at all levels, help raise finance, appoint architects, interior designers, project managers, brand managers , we like to be submerged in the detail of each and every clients development.

Marketing and Social Media

We will write the content and implement the strategy across all platforms alongside an appointed digital marketing. To reach international, national and local press as well as bloggers and influencers we will create stories for PR companies to sell in.

Food and Beverage Menu Development

We write the menus across all platforms to match the brand along with costing and competition set analysis.

Training Manuals and SOPs

We produce all training manuals and procedures for all areas including health and safety, wine, cocktail and coffee training with our in house baristas and mixologist teams


We prepare costed rotas, manning guides, food and beverage costings for all areas.

Cost Control

We have our in house control team that can set up back door and purchasing procedures plus audit programme.