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Restaurant and fine food fanatic with a passion for creating great places to eat.

History: 30 years +, 50 + restaurants, bars, The Ivy, The Ritz, Caprice, Grand Scale Brasseries, local restaurants with national followings, London, Dubai, The Boardroom.

Now: Owner, Creator, Developer, Advisor, Inventor, Trainer, Designer, Perfectionist, Visionary, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Argentina, Consultant, Leader, Rooftops, Selfridges, Energetic, Vintage Salt, Q Grill, Rofuto, Fan of the Watt Bike, Instagram and a pint of craft beer.

If you’re looking to launch a new restaurant or take a mature business to the next level Des McDonald has the history and experience to ensure that you’ll be making sales from day one.
Restaurant Consultancy Services include: Concept Development, Interior Design Advice and Introductions, Brand Development, Owner’s Representative, Marketing and Social Media Advice, Food and Beverage Menu Development, Training and SOP Development, Margin Support, Cost Control Support, Improve Efficiency, Grow your restaurant business

On the Roof with... Selfridges
Featured Case Study

On the Roof with... Selfridges

The challenge was to turn Selfridges’ rooftop in to a destination for dining and drinking for a summer in 2014. Des McDonald and his team turned the six months into over 2 years, and they are still there….. Transforming the restaurant twice a year.

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Quality Restaurants
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Quality Restaurants

Des McDonald Restaurant Consultants really do live and breathe the business, a true testament to this is their own successful, well known and profitable restaurants, take a look at a few of Des McDonald owned and managed restaurants below.

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